Figures reveal the biggest topics and people of #GE16, so far

Twitter says the Social Democrats are increasing their share

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Two weeks into the general election, there have been several talking points - but which is the biggest?

Social media site Twitter has been looking at what has been discussed most with polling day just nine days from now.

During the two leaders' debates, we have seen who the most discussed parties and leaders were.

But Twitter says this does not highlight who has been dominating the day-by-day share of conversation.

The statistics show that the leaders' debates gave a more level playing field and smaller parties had a bigger share of conversation on Twitter than they have had on any other day.

The Social Democrats look to be increasing their share of voice over time, while Fine Gael show a decreased share - but are the most talked about party on Twitter every day.

The exception being on February 10th, when the Labour Party was most talked about.

Twitter says as the campaign goes on, the gap between the share of conversation about the largest parties and the smallest is narrowing.

Source: Twitter

People are also discussing the topics which mean the most to them.

The economy has been the most discussed topic since the election was called, with Irish Water and health following close behind.

Source: Twitter

Overall, 210,000 tweets have been sent in two weeks using #GE16.

The graph below highlights the steady flow of conversation around the topic since February 3rd - up until today with the two big spikes in conversation happening around the leaders' debates.

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