"Gerry Adams 'amigos' terrify the life out of most people" - Burton

It follows the second televised debate last night

Gerry Adams, leaders debate, RTE, Joan Burton, GE16, three amaigos

Labour leader Joan Burton at the first general election 2016 TV and radio debate at TV3 | Image: Rollingnews.ie

The Tánaiste Joan Burton says that a lot of the candidates in last night's debate wanted to talk exclusively about the past.

It comes after days of Ms Burton attacking Micheal Martin's record in past governments.

The Tánaiste was accused by Gerry Adams last night of being one of the 'three amigos', during the second televised general election debate.

Mr Adams said he wanted to "send the three amigos to ride off into the sunset" - referring to Micheal Martin, Enda Kenny and Joan Burton.

But Ms Burton says it is Mr Adam's 'amigos' she is really afraid of.

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