The best Twitter reaction to the Leaders' Debate

Joan was floundering, Donnelly fared well, Enda stuck to the script - and Ireland reacted online...

The best Twitter reaction to the Leaders' Debate

Twitter reacts to the Leaders' Debate

Twitter says there were over 69,000 Tweets sent during last night's debate.

This time around Joan Burton was the most discussed leader, with Enda Kenny following close behind.

Source: Twitter

However with the addition of the three extra parties, this saw Micheal Martin pushed down with Stephen Donnelly moving up the list.

Source: Twitter

And although the Green Party was not at the debate, they seemed to still have an impact on Twitter.

The most important question after that debate...

Did that #leadersdebate on #cblive change your vote in #GE16?

— Newstalk Elections (@ElectionNT) February 15, 2016

 As we began it seemed things were to be different...

 But not that different. The Taoiseach can never be accused of wavering from a line at election time.

 The scripted lines were out early for Gerry and Joan

Micheal Martin wasn't fooling everyone

 Labour Party does social media

 The Taoiseach's performance wasn't getting everyone's pulse racing

 Newstalk Lunchtime's Jonathan Healy was monitoring audience feedback as the debate unfolded

 Stephen Donnelly's evidence based approach and distinct distance from the other candidates was winning him fans

 There was questions from the crowd on what can be done for rural Ireland

 The Taoiseach tonight added 'Crying Mayo Man' to the mythical 'Man With Two Pints'

 Donnelly was flying as the more established performers floundered

 It was a rough debate for the Labour leader, who never settled and seemed on the back foot from start to finish

 And it didn't get better for Burton

 The red carpet rolled out for Donald Trump came in for attack

 The AAA/PBP representative got a rousing reception to his demands on jobs

 It was quit a long time before we got a break

And overall? Enda escaped without any major damage, Labour look worse than ever, and the independents might expect their support to enjoy a bump in the following days

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