Sinn Fein accuse Enda Kenny of only caring about being in government

The statement was made in the lead-up to tonight's multi-party debate on RTE

Enda Kenny, coalition, Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, ruled out, GE16

Taoiseach Enda Kenny at APC Ltd office's during the offical opening of its new process research facility in Cherrywood, Dublin | Image:

Sinn Fein has accused Enda Kenny of caring about nothing else but being in government.

It follows speculation over which parties Fine Gael plan to negotiate a coalition deal with, if given the mandate to do so after the General Election.

However, today Taoiseach Enda Kenny once again ruled out the possibility of doing a deal with Fianna Fail.

But Sinn Fein Deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald, says she doesn't believe that Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are that far apart when it comes to politics:

"The truth is that there isn't a whit of difference between Fine Fael or Fine Gael. In policy terms, that was demonstrated over the last five years. Enda Kenny wishes to be in governnment, that's the only thing that Enda Kenny actually cares about."

Meanwhile, the leaders of the seven major political parties are making last minute preparations for tonight's major TV debate on RTE.

The Green Party leader Eamon Ryan earlier failed in a High Court bid to join the other leaders on stage tonight.

The debate comes on a day when Labour launched its election manifesto, and Enda Kenny again appeared to rule out a coalition with Fianna Fáil.

However, TV reviewer Jennifer Gannon says such debates don't make for great entertainment:

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