Green Party will allow TV debate to go ahead, despite legal challenge

Eamon Ryan tells Newstalk he will not injunct debate, though they disagree with the selection of participants

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The Green Party says it will not attempt to stop an RTÉ leaders' debate from going ahead, regardless of the outcome of a legal challenge they are taking on the debate.

The Greens launched a High Court challenge after RTÉ revealed they would not be allowed to take part in a live TV debate next Monday.

The State broadcaster says the Green Party was excluded because they had less than three TDs in the outgoing Dáil.

However, the criteria used to vet participants will be questioned by the Green Party's legal team when the case is heard on Thursday.

Eamon Ryan told's Breakfast they will not attempt to stop the debate, no matter what the outcome:

"Our wish is to open up the debate, we won't injunct debate at any time. But we are looking to the High Court to put fairness back into the debate.

The way that RTÉ are trying to run it, the criteria they are using, certain parties are going to get in, in a way that just is not fair."

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