Sinn Féin proposes capping cost of childcare at €180 per week per child

Mary Lou McDonald says the party's proposal could save families up to €4,560 a year per child

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Sinn Féin is proposing to cap the cost of childcare at €180 per week per child - with plans to drop it further to €150.

The party says this could save working families up to €4,500 a year.

Sinn Féin is also promising to invest €80 million into training programmes for childcare workers.

The party's Deputy Leader and candidate for Dublin Central, Mary Lou McDonald, says more state funding should be allocated to the childcare sector to "ensure standards are right and to ensure workers are treated correctly":

She also explained, “we would also introduce a six week extension to maternity leave, eventually increasing parental leave to 52 weeks over the government term. 

"We would also increase the rate of maternity benefit to paid mothers beginning with a use to €260 a week," she added.

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