“I’d love to hear it in Coppers” - Alan Kelly responds to the re-release of 'The Alan Kelly rap'

Environment minister tells us his favourite line from the famous campaign song

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“It’s still the tune that gets people going”

Yesterday we brought you the glorious news that the Alan Kelly rap from his 2009 MEP run has re-surfaced.

And today the main man himself has responded to the re-release, and even hinted at a follow up album!

The Environment Minister said he was glad to see it was still a tune that gets people going - and said he hoped it was better than Michael Healy Rae’s offering.

Alan Kelly also said that he’d love to hear it played in Coppers some night.

There are some classic lines in the rap like "His opinion isn't outdated like lino in kitchens and women like to say he looks like Brian O'Driscoll".

But Kelly said his personal favourite is one that he thinks is still relevant now. “Fianna Fáil; no fada, spells Fianna fail.”

The real hero behind the piece though is GMC Beats who’s the rapper behind the song - and Kelly said he’ll be talking to him about a potential follow up.

When asked to give his own rendition of the rap Kelly said “I couldn’t do that, that would take away from what we’re going to do in the future.”

We asked would he consider releasing it as a charity single in aid of homelessness - to which Kelly replied “watch this space.”

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