It's alive! The Alan Kelly Rap has resurfaced

Rapper behind beloved song is community hero

It's alive! The Alan Kelly Rap has resurfaced

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Journalists, politicos and well-meaning fans have long waited for this day. The Alan Kelly Rap, the song used by Tipperary man in his MEP bid of 2009, has been found. 

It was an instant classic. Lines like "His opinion isn't outdated like lino in kitchens and women like to say he looks like Brian O'Driscoll" prompted quotes like this from Labour's press office: 

""The song instantly became an internet phenomenon when it was released ahead of the 2009 European elections. The rap song is one of the first ever political raps and the first of its kind in Ireland." 

However, the tune vanished from the internet last year and sparked a search for answers. 

We even tried to get the subject himself to join our efforts. 



It was all to be in vain. After several attempts to contact the rapper behind the track, which won big at the Digital Media Awards, it all died down.

Until now. 

Anonymous Tipster

We received the following message from a mysterious overseas source one evening. 

Curiouser and curiouser

Understandably, our hearts were set aflutter. After carefully negotiating the release of this hip-hop masterpiece. We re-released it to the world at 10.30pm Wednesday, February 3rd as the General Election kicked off.

Twitter went ballistic. 







All praise is due

However, the real hero of this piece is GMC Beats, the rapper behind the song. The Cork-based rapper is a hard-working community group and school worker and deserves a tonne of credit for it.

He isn't linked to the Environment Minister or any political group. 

In fact, GMC (real name Garry McCarthy) says his rap workshops, which educate schoolchildren and youth groups about social issues, have received funding from the likes of The Secret Millionaire in 2013 and he's taken to the road to spread his message to groups across the country producing gems such as: 




Safer Internet Day 2015 - I Like It [Official Music Video] from PDST Technology in Education on Vimeo.

To get in contact with GMC, you can find him on Twitter and Facebook. Well done, Garry! 

Live from @ElectionNT