#RealityCheck: Are water charges an issue for the upcoming election?

Paul Murphy and Conor Brophy spoke to Newstalk Breakfast about the issue

The latest figures from Irish water reveal that 61% of its customers are now paying water charges up from 55% at the end of the previous billing cycle.

And while these figures go up, the numbers of people attending anti water rallies has been declining, so are water charges still an issue and will they be a priority in the upcoming general election?

Anti Austerity Alliance TD, Paul Murphy and Fine Gael Councillor and candidate for the general election in Dublin South West, Colm Brophy joined Newstalk Breakfast to discuss water as an election issue.

Is it an electoral issue?

Paul Murphy and Colm Brophy dicsussed the issues facing the Government and the impact this will have on the upcoming election.

You can listen back to the interview here:

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