"The Government has done its best to get fluff on the front pages" - Sunday Paper Review

Shane Coleman was joined by Roisin Shortall, Frank Flannery and David Leach for a look at the Sunday papers

Social Democrats co-founder Roisín Shortall, former Fine Gael strategist Frank Flannery and David Leach of GOAL joined Shane Coleman in studio for a look at the Sunday papers.

Before getting to the papers, the panel discussed the breaking news this morning of the death of veteran radio & television presenter Terry Wogan. 

Frank paid tribute to the broadcaster's "own style, which was absolutely superb... The way he treated, placed and even defined Eurovision was just enormously entertaining for an awful lot of people".

Roisin observed Terry was "undoubtedly the best known Irish voice in UK radio," while David observed "he never forgot that he was from Limerick even when he was in London".

Moving on to the papers themselves, some reports suggest a row between the Coalition parties over the general election date - specifically whether it will be on a Thursday or Friday.

"There's an overriding point to be made about the Sunday papers," Roisín observed. "I think the Government spin machine is in overdrive at the moment... There are huge problems in the country... but the Government starts these sorts of phony wars, and it's a major distraction from the real issues".

David observed, "it's the Taoiseach's prerogative when the election is called, end of story... The Taoiseach is far more concerned with busloads of students going home to Mayo than a few lads going off to Twickenham for a match".

Frank suggested, "whether or not all of those students will be voting for the Labour party remains to be seen. There's no huge advantage necessarily to Labour or Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil or any of the other parties - it's a practical decision".

For more on these stories and more, you can listen back to the full Paper Review below:

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