Tánaiste's concerns about government propped up by Independents

Taoiseach has refused to rule out working with Michael Lowry, but Joan Burton has concerns about Independents' agendas

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The Tánaiste says she would be deeply concerned to be part of a government propped up by Independents.

Joan Burton said a Fine Gael / Labour deal with Independents would put economic recovery at risk.

She was speaking after the Taoiseach yesterday appeared to pave the way for a deal with Michael Lowry, if Fine Gael and Labour do not get the number of seats they need to form a government.

The Labour leader says she would not like to be relying on people with different agendas:

"I would be very concerned if there is talk that the next government would be beholden to a series of Independents with different personal agendas and different local agendas."

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