Simon Coveney says Fianna Fáil "would like to re-write history" of their time in government

The Agriculture Minister has predicted Labour "will do better than many people are suggesting"

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Simon Coveney. Image:

A Cabinet minister has accused Fianna Fáil of trying to re-write the history of their time in government.

Simon Coveney said that they will never let the country go back into the recession caused by Fianna Fáil policy.

The Agriculture Minister also welcomed Enda Kenny's commitment to abolish the Universal Social Charge (USC), which he says is an "unfair tax".

Minister Coveney said that when people take to the ballot box he hopes that they remember the work that Fine Gael and Labour have done to get the economy back on track.

Speaking to Shane Coleman on the Sunday Show, Minister Coveney said, "I think Labour will do better than many people are suggesting.

Minister Coveney explained that Fine Gael and Labour will fight the election together, "on the basis of our record - which is rebuilding Ireland after the devastation of Fianna Fáil".

He suggested that the Opposition party and its leader Michéal Martin "would like to re-write history. They want everybody to forget what happened before 2011. We are saying we will never let the country go back there".

On the subject of the USC, Minister Coveney said, "middle-income earners are paying a marginal tax rate of over 50%. If we're serious about bringing home our talented Irish people... Ireland has to be an attractive place to come home to work in. And if people are being asked to pay 52 or 54% tax on their income, we're just not going to do that".

You can listen back to more of Minister Coveney's comments below:

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