Gerry Adams criticises Taoiseach's "empty election promises and auction politics"

Responding to Enda Kenny's Ard Fheis speech, Sinn Féin says it is "committed to a recovery for all citizens"

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Sinn Féin has dismissed Fine Gael's claim that Ireland's economy is recovering.

Gerry Adams criticised Taoiseach Enda Kenny's Ard Fheis speech last night, describing it as an exercise in "empty election promises and auction politics".

In his speech, Mr Kenny said voters have to make a stark choice in next month's election - to keep the recovery going or put it at risk.

Enda Kenny told the Ard Fheis in Dublin last night that, if re-elected, Fine Gael will hire 10,000 more gardaí, nurses, doctors and teachers, as well as abolishing the Universal Social Charge.

He admitted he did not get everything right in Government but insists only Fine Gael has the policies to reward people for the recovery they worked and suffered for. 

He suggested, "in all the white noise of an election, there is only one question: who will keep the recovery going? A straight question with a straight answer".

In a statement, Gerry Adams said, "the Taoiseach is correct on one point - citizens now face a stark choice.

"That choice is between a Fine Gael-led Government which will continue unfairness and inequality or a Sinn Féin-led Government committed to a recovery for all citizens - in other words, a genuine republic," he added.

Sinn Féin TD Mary Lou McDonald, says Fine Gael and Labour have so far only helped the rich in society.

"Our choice is for tax relief for low and middle-income family, but also for investment in public services," she said.

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