Independent Alliance publishes 10-point charter for the general election

The group is running 20 election candidates across the country

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The Independent Alliance | Image via Gavan Reilly on Twitter

The Independent Alliance has published a 10-point charter which it says will be necessary for any government it can support.

The group is running 20 election candidates across the country - including former Fianna Fáil councillor David McGuinness, who joined this morning.

The group says it is not interested in the "Mercs or perks" of power, but wants to focus on matters including small business and banking reform.

One of its founders, Shane Ross, denies that including independents in government will cause instability.

"On votes of confidence, they can take it that they will be supported - so the instability argument doesn't wash" he said.

"It will be a stable government, but it will have to implement legislation according to the wishes - not of the Cabinet or the Economic Monetary Council - but according to the wishes of the Dáil" he added.

While Independent TD for Dublin Bay North, Finian McGrath, told Newstalk Lunchtime the group has a strong national vision.

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