Newstalk Lunchtime hits the road ahead of Election 2016

First up, Jonathan Healy will broadcast live from Dolley's Hotel, Waterford

The Taoiseach has yet to announce the date for the General Election. However, whatever the date, many of the topics that will sway voters are already known. Newstalk Lunchtime is taking to the road with a series of special programmes, asking election candidates how their policies will address the concerns of their electorate.


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The Newstalk Election roadshow is moving to Waterford in February, where the big topic is jobs.

Presenter Jonathan Healy and guests, along with audience members, will be looking unemployment in the South East of the country is around 18%, about 7% higher than the national average. 

What has it meant for the younger generation and their families? 

We'll be live with the candidates from Dooley's Hotel, Waterford on Monday February 1st from 12.30pm.

Live from @ElectionNT