51% of people in favour of tax breaks for emigrants returning home to set up a business

The Taoiseach has set a target of 5,000 people returning to Ireland in the next 12 months

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Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie

More than half the population would favour tax breaks for Irish people returning home to set up a business.

The figures, from market research firm Amarach, also show that people over the age of 55 are most enthusiastic to see emigrants come back.

Meanwhile the research also showed that 32% of respondents would be in favour of the Government giving tax incentives to any Irish emigrants abroad who want to live in Ireland again.

The Taoiseach has already said he wants more Irish people to move home in 2016 - he has set a target of 5,000 people returning in the next 12 months.

Policy Director of Business group IBEC, Fergal O'Brien, says the jobs market needs extra workers.

Speaking on Breakfast this morning, Mr O'Brien said, "in 2016 we're going to see 60,000 new jobs in this economy - around 1,200 jobs every week. A lot of those roles can be filled by people who are currently unemployed, but we're going to need lots of new people coming into the country.

"We'd love to see more Irish emigrants coming home. They have the skills, they have the experience. We're going to see these jobs in a whole range of sectors, but we could need up to 20,000 extra construction workers next year," he added.

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